The O-shaped Woman

She is often times called apple shaped or round shaped but more commonly called the inverted triangle body type. This beautiful woman has broader shoulders and a broader burst with narrow hips. She more often than not gains weight on her burst, waist and belly areas making her appear biggest in these areas. The fashion […]

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Life and Coincidences

via Daily Prompt: Coincidence Coincidences are some of the most perplexing occurrences that make life all the more intriguing and fascinating all at once. There are things that happen to you as you journey through life taking you aback and causing you to marvel at the complexities of life. Many of these, we cannot explain, […]

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Fragrant Secrets

Scents seem to be one of the most captivating and fascinating things this side of heaven. Do you notice how a waif of a familiar scent seems to take you back to a sweet memory, a beautiful time and place, a treasured person? Scents are such powerful intoxicants that linger on even one the ‘scented […]

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Exquisite Style

We all know a couple of girls in our life who seem to have an added ump when it comes to personal style. Every outfit that they wear seems to pop and make them look dashingly beautiful! They have an effortlessness about their dress sense that just seems to make a statement every where they […]

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The Magazine Girl

Many times we look at beauty magazines and cant help and admire the beautiful images we see staring right back at us. The perfect nose, flawless skin, voluptuous curves and the impeccable dress sense of the magazine model staring seductively at us reminding us of all our body flaws. Body flaws that keep showing their […]

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Heart Stings

via Daily Prompt: Sting We have all been there at least once in a life time. The days when your heart races with abandon at the sound of their voice or the prospect of spending time with them. You cant wait to see them and hear all about their day, their captivating and not so […]

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Have you ever walked into a room full of beautiful girls and after a couple of minutes the “most beautiful” girl in the room is not so beautiful any more? The rather average looking girl suddenly becomes stunningly beautiful and has something about her that you can not quite place your finger on? Well, say […]